Monday, December 8, 2008

We look forward to our continued work with Drew as we address these challenges together.

As we navigate our way through these turbulent economic times, it is good to reflect on the timeless shared values from which we derive our greathest strengths.

Miss Grimke: Who is the sexiest man alive?

DGF: Charlie of course.

Miss Grimke: Then who is the sexiest man dead? Matthew Brady?

DGF: He was a fine looking man, but I think I'd go with Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Miss Grimke: Even if he was pure distilled Yankee?

DGF: Even if.

Miss Grimke: You do have an open mind!

DGF: Indeed I do!

Getting a little grimmer

Southern Ladies are renown for their ability to make do beautifully in times of austerity, and our dear Dr. Faust is no exception. Nevertheless it is painful when we have to cut back on our plans to make the world more lovely.

Miss Grimke:
Is it true that the Allston redo is hold?

DGF: I'm afraid so, Miss Grimke.

Miss Grimke: But we have the colors all picked out!

DGF: The colors will keep.

Miss Grimke: Can't we just cut back? Use Formica instead of granite? Do more with Home Depot? Or Ikea? Ikea has beautiful design at very reasonable prices.

DGF: Is this a product placement or an interview?

Miss Grimke: Now you've hurt my feelings.

DGF: It's symbolic, really, like the goat farm. Though of course one would notice the cost of Allston, whereas we could slip the goat farm in under the radar.

Miss Grimke: Could we really? Do you think?

DGF: I think I would not like to hear what Mr. Beam would say if he got wind of such a thing.

Miss Grimke: I don't give a fig what Mr. Bean says.

DGF: Nevertheless, Allston is on hold.

Miss Grimke: I know billions and billions have melted away, but we still have billions and billions left.

DGF: We?

Miss Grimke: We have enough to buy Home Depot or Ikea. DIY should be an excellent investment. Then we could unload them at a profit when the economy recovers. We'd look brilliant!

DGF: Some of us already look brilliant.

Miss Grimke: Let's buy Microcenter? I know you love Microcenter! Or Trader Joe's--a more delectable investment I cannot imagine!

DGF: I don't think finance is your strong suit, dear.

Miss Grimke: Unlike Larry, you mean?

DGF: Don’t worry, we won’t sell the orientals. We won’t smash up the baby grand for fire wood. Though I must admit I’m a bit weary of that hideously depressing Allston hanging over the mantle.