Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In support of a return to the classics

Our very dear friend and treasured member of the Fan Club, Miss Talmadge, of the other Georgia Talmadges, has become engaged to marry the Maori fire dancer, a delightful gentleman she met on a recent trip to Hawaii. This news dovetails nicely with Drew's recent mandate to encourage her students to explore esoteric topics. Also we all recall Dr. Faust's coronation featured dancers of the multicultural persuasion, a thrilling display.

Miss Talmadge's betrothed would make an excellent professor of fire and knife dancing and attract other artists of his ilk to dreary old Cambridge.

Meanwhile, the Fan Club has named Miss Talmadge its Artist-in-Residence. Miss Talmadge is known for her reclining nudes and recently developed a passion for double-barrelled cannons (the only example of which is on display in Athens) as well as for a certain flame-dancer.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Move the Fogg to Allston

Like the other game-changing President, Drew Gilpin Faust faces painful choices foisted on her by the bad decisions of her predecessors. Yet Drew won't allow us to say a single bad word about Larry--she's such a lady!

I'd like to see Larry out there on Western Avenue now, where it's 34 degrees in the sun, picking up the trash and extracting plastic bags tangled in the chain-link fences.

Right now those of us left holding the bag have figured out how to make lemonade: Take all the Fogg art now hiding is some basement somewhere and exhibit it in the car dealership show rooms!

Voila no more toxic asset!

We must tell Drewdie, if we can find out where she'd hiding.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Higher finance

Dr. Faust was indisposed recently. To cheer her up we sent her this nightgown. Having the flu is no excuse not to look pretty!

But what really cheered her up was winning $50,000 from the New York Historical Society for This Republic of Suffering. Good to know someone can get through that thing without falling into the slough of despond!

But what really cheers us up is that Drewdie has thought about using her winnings to endow the Fan Club! Invested in an annuity that throws off 5% annually, her winnings will provide us with $2,500 a year! That's more than $50 a week for Champagne!

Technically an endowment should go to fund capital improvements and repairs, but since we don't have a club house (yet, hint hint), we can use it for operating expenses.