Friday, October 12, 2007

The Really Big Day

I can't believe it! On the biggest day of her life, when the whole world is clamoring for her company, I actually corner Drew Faust in the powder room. I won't tell you where, but it was one of those fancy places where there are easy chairs covered in bright florals. I found her literally sunk into one. I wasn't going to bother her, but she gave me a big smile and invited me to chat a while. Wouldn't you know it I lit into her right away.
Miss Grimke: You were yanking my chain about what you were going to wear to the picnic. You never wear anything but that suit suit suit. Not that it doesn't look just right on you.
DGF: You got that right. I am not going to wear anything that will give anybody any excuse to talk about what I wear. What a boring subject.
Miss Grimke: Now you've hurt my feelings.
DGF: I am sorry sweetheart but I do not want people talking about my clothes the way they talk about Hillary's, so I make it incredibly boring by wearing the same thing all the time.
Miss Grimke: Pretty smart I guess. I do think the ecclesiastical look suits you. That double-breasted president's gown is so you!
DGF: Isn't it though! But it's not ecclesiastical for heaven's sake!
Miss Grimke: Whatever. That ceremony was very impressive. I found myself tearing up a few times, and I couldn't help note that you were using a hanky from time to time. Were you getting all misty Dr. Faust? Were you? Now be honest!
DGF: It was moving, but it was also damp and windy. My nose was running! Give me a break Miss Grimke!
Miss Grimke: Sorry Drew! I did think that speech of your was, well, I think you kitchen-sinked it.
DGF: Pardon me?
Miss Grimke: You put in everything but the kitchen sink. Global warming, diversity, the past, the future, the I don't know what, I started drifting. Frankly, I think the new president of Northeastern had a much better inaugural speech, even if he does look like Mr. Bean.
DGF: (sigh) I agree. That man's speech made me want to get up and do good. But be fair, Northeastern's mandate is a little easier to get your arms around than Harvard!
Miss Grimke: Point taken. It was good enough. I do wonder though what you said to Larry when you sat in the president's chair. You said something in his ear and laughed. What was that all about?
DGF: About how lucky he is not to have to sit in that torture device.
Miss Grimke: By the way, several people called you a rebellious daughter of the South. What is up with that?
DGF: That's the only way Yankees can process a southern lady with half a brain. She must be rebelling against her mother and her motherland.
Miss Grimke: It do vex them so!
DGF: It sure do! And I aim to keep on at it!

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