Sunday, November 18, 2007

Elmwood, Sweet Elmwood

I swung by 33 Elmwood, Drew's new home, the other day. Wow! It is bigger and more beautiful than in its pictures! It is easily the finest house on Tory Row. Oh envy envy envy! But if anyone deserves to live in a magnificent mansion it is our dear Dr. Faust.

Two Cambridge constable cars sat next the curb in front of the fence in front of the vast lawn in front of her huge house (actually appears to be several buildings that go on forever). No constables in sight. So I walked up the driveway to the front door. After about two days I reached my destination. I rang the doorbell and Drew answered. She was dressed as always in her sharp navy pantsuit and wearing her little pearl earrings. On her feet were slippers, a fluffy baby blue pair that have definitely made a few trips around the coffee table.

"Miss Grimke," she exclaimed, swinging wide the big door and sweeping me in with a hug. "Just the person I need to see today!" Before I had time to apologize for dropping in without notice or for the muddy state of my shoes, she led me into a kitchen the size of Madison Square Garden, sat me down, and placed in front of me a piping hot cuppa Joe.

DGF: "Skim or whole? I also have real cream, of course."
Miss Grimke: Must be nice to have such a big fridge.
DGF: A big fridge? I beg your pardon, I have four bid fridges and two big darn kitchens, plus a little one in our personal space. Actually it's more like a normal size kitchen. We have what's really like an apartment within the house.
Miss Grimke: I guess you need that so you don't get lost.
DGF: Or lose stuff! Lord, why do you think I'm still in slippers? I kicked off my shoes somewhere and darn if I can for the life of me find them.
Miss Grimke: It's not like you have only one pair.
DGF: I am not into shoes. When I find a pair I like I wear them to death. Don't worry I'll manage. But I hate to think what else I can or will lose in this museum. It's like living in a hotel or an institution.
Miss Grimke: You've been institutionalized!
DGF: Definitely. But it's lovely. I keep finding delightful corners and new vistas. Look there: the Japanese maples fill the windows with red.
Miss Grimke: Also you have room for me to move in.
DGF: Now you're pushing it!
Miss Grimke: Be that way. I don't want to live next to Route 2 or whatever that is zooming on the other side of the trees.
DGF: Yes, isn't it funny. In one sense this feels like being in the middle of the country and in another you're right on a major highway.
Miss Grimke: So much to complain about. Too much traffic. Too many rooms. Losing your favorite stuff. Gadabouts dropping in unannounced and tracking in mud.
DGF: It's a hard life, this Harvard Presidenting stuff.

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