Sunday, December 30, 2007

On the couch with Allston

Miss Grimke: Are you or are you not rethinking Allston.
DGF: I am definitely rethinking Allston. Allston is such a lovely place, but a tad shabby. Do not repeat that please. It could do with a total update, building on what's there but giving it some polish, some sheen.
Miss Grimke: To what extent do you think you can make do with what you have and to what extent do you need to throw out and start over?
DGF: Definitely the colors are right the way they are. Very colorful, very multi-cultural. You know I like that.
Miss Grimke: Yes, yes. I know that. So you want to keep what's there but punch it up a bit?
DGF: Mostly, plus we need to pull down some walls, open up the space, let in some light. The place has really good bones. We need to pull that forward. Structure, plus color, plus light. I think we'd have what we want then.
Miss Grimke: Then Harvard can move right in?
DGF: Goodness no. Then we'll see what we have once we can see what we have.
Miss Grimke: Are the neighbors amenable?
DGF: Well, you know change is difficult for everybody. Renovations are murder for everyone involved. They've been known to destroy a marriage. You have to plan carefully, you have to be ready for the disruption, you have to make sure everyone buys into the process and can see the payoff, the reward for all the mess.
Miss Grimke: You have to involve the mental health professionals.
DGF: Yes, most definitely, they are on the case.
Miss Grimke: And you have to check references. Don't just go with the first contractor who acts like he knows his stuff.
DGF: One must not shirk the due-diligence.
Miss Grimke: Speaking of Larry.
DGF: I will not trash Larry. If I've told you once I've told you a thousand times.
Miss Grimke: Yes m'am. My bad.


curlynerly said...

Hi Ms. Grimke,

I found your blog in the process of doing research on President Faust for a special present I made her last week (I'm a fashion designer). Can you send me your email so I can send you the press release about it? Thank you!

Miss Grimke said...

Dear Jane,
I will contact you via email ASAP. I am very eager to see what you are up to!
Miss Grimke