Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beauty tips

Miss Grimke: Do you think the North is as racist as the South now?

DGF: I think the battle against racism requires constant vigilance, no matter who you are or where you are.

Miss Grimke: Can you think of a beauty routine that's like that?

DGF: I think that question trivializes a serious subject.

Miss Grimke: Well, I'm not so persnickety, and I can answer my own question.

DGF: Do tell.

Miss Grimke: I think the upkeep of the elbow is like that. You can't see your own elbows, but everybody else can. Nothing can ruin the look of a pretty summer dress from behind like the sight of gray scaly elbows. Keeping them looking pretty requires constant vigilance.

DGF: What do you do to keep your elbows looking pretty, Miss Grimke?

Miss Grimke: I cut a lemon in half and mash the pulp side onto my elbow and turn it a few times, like I'm making lemonade. It's a gentle bleaching and exfoliation. Then rinse and apply lotion. Repeat as necessary. Check my elbows in a mirror frequently.

DGF: I really don't think I'll go to all that trouble.

Miss Grimke: Why on earth not.

DGF: I don't care how my elbows look because I don't go sleeveless even in the shower anymore.

Miss Grimke: Someone famous said that.

DGF: I'm famous.

Miss Grimke: But not for saying that.

DGF: Yet.

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Rhea said...

Another gem. Thanks.