Thursday, June 14, 2007

What to wear to work?

Dr. Faust starts her new job July 1. She took the time to sit down with me and talk about what she plans to wear the first day of work.

Miss Grimke: Drew, do you mind if I call you Drew?
DGF: Not at all dear, just not in front of the students!
Miss Grimke: Thanks, Drew, I'll be sure not to! Now I know you want to wear something that looks serious but not too too severe. Also, July 1 can be very hot in Cambridge, so I'm sure you'll want to wear something that doesn't show sweat.
DGF: Exactly! I have two different outfits in mind, one for a hot day and another for a cooler day. For the hot day I have a pale blue linen dress, very tailored, actually a tiny hound's tooth check, which gives it that men's wear feel. The sleeves are three-quarter, and I wear it with a navy jacket. It's short so it looks modern without being cropped. I have long arms, and no matter how formal the occassion I find myself always pushing my sleeves up. It ruins, absolutely ruins! the fabric, but I can't stop myself. I do think it makes me look like a go-getter though--pushing up my sleeves. Which of course I am!
Miss Grimke: Indeed you are! We all know that now if we didn't before! And I do think it's a dashing look, pushing up the sleeves of a nice jacket. Women can be dashing, can't we?
DGF: Ladies! Ladies! Of course we can be dashing!
Miss Grimke: What if the weather is cooler?
DGF: Well, confidentially, I hope that is the case, because my favorite suit is just perfect. I got it at Marshall's for $99. It's a $300 suit and I just love it.
Miss Grimke: Tell me what it looks like!
DGF: I love it because it has these little bows and darling pleats, which makes it sound way too girly--but it's brown--which offsets the girly perfectly. I just love the way it makes me look like a serious, but fun-loving, woman. I mean lady!
Miss Grimke: I know what you mean! I'd love to see you in any thing. Clothes hang well on you. How do you keep in shape, and will being Harvard president interfere with your fitness routine?
DGF: O lord bless me I do absolutely nothing to stay in shape. It's one of those totally undeserved gifts. I eat what I like and do nothing and gain zero weight. I can't drink too much though, it wrecks me for days.
Miss Grimke: I think it is a totally deserved gift. The good Lord had plans for you and didn't want you to have to waste time on the dang treadmill or on the Pilates rack.
DGF: Bless your heart, what a sweet thing to say! I've got to go now. I need to get a roast in the oven or we won't be eating till 9 o'clock. I'm not that French!
Miss Grimke: Sure, Drew, I'll let you go. Thanks for the interview! I'll check in with you again later.

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