Thursday, June 14, 2007

Office Decor

A postprandial continuation of our inaugural interview:

Miss Grimke: So Drew, how was dinner?
DGF: Just delicious, thank you. The meat fell right off the bone. The gravy was a little lumpy, though. We need to get to the bottom of that one day. But you wanted to talk about something else. What's on the agenda this time, Miss Grimke?
Miss Grimke: Office decor. What the heck was Larry thinking?
DGF: Oh sweety you will not get me to trash Larry. I will not pile on. I do not pile on. I move on. He's a real gentlemen and did not deserve the trashing he got for speaking his mind in an unguarded moment--and it was only part of his mind! The rest of his mind totally disagrees! On the other hand, I owe him my job, a job I am very excited about. I will not pile on and critcize his knicknacks on top of everything!
Miss Grimke: But the color! Can you believe the color!
DGF: I can believe you are not listening to me sweetheart.
Miss Grimke: Drew, I'm a journalist. I have to probe. How about we talk about your plans for the office. What kind of a feel to you think you'll go for?
DGF: Really, I have to live in the space first, to get an idea of how it feels, what it says to me in terms of what it wants in order to make me feel like it's my space. I also need to think about what I want it to say about me.
Miss Grimke: What do you want it to say about you?
DGF: I want it to say "Duck! She's gonna getcha!"
Miss Grimke: So a guillotine, maybe?
DGF: Yes! Exactly! Or a blunderbuss. I love to say blunderbuss. No, seriously, I want it to say, "She knows what she's doing, trust her!"
Miss Grimke: Do you know what you are doing?
DGF: I have no idea! Don't you love it?