Monday, May 12, 2008

Academic Literary Fashion Dish

Miss Grimke: Did you wear the qipao under the gown at Ed Ayers' coronation?
DGF: Inauguration. Induction. Yes, of course Miss Grimke, I wear it everywhere.
Miss Grimke: Do you think Ed is the male DGF?
DGF: In terms of fashion sense I think he is a little more conservative.
Miss Grimke: What did he wear under his gown?
DGF: Jeans and a flannel shirt. He will never outgrow the Huck Finn look.
Miss Grimke: How's this for an SAT question: Ed Ayers is to Tony Horwitz as Drew Faust is to ___.
DGF: Geraldine Brooks.
Miss Grimke: You are brilliant!
DGF: Not really. I just know how your mind works.

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