Saturday, May 3, 2008


Yes yes loyal fans, our dear Dr. Faust was photographed in a gray suit on an outing in Korea. Look how she expresses herself with the subtle piping and eccentric cut of the lapels. No man could get away with that, so eat crow all of you who think DGF will not branch away from man-suits. I wonder if those are her mother's pearls? Their pink blush is so sweet and adds just the right feminine touch.

Now for the challenge. Jane Zhu over at qipaobyjane presented Drew with a "custom-made shirt in the traditional Chinese style of the qipao (pronounced chee’ pau), with a mandarin collar, side closure and fabric knot buttons." according to Jane's news release. When I googled Jane before seeing her newsrelease I was a little shocked at the images of sexy ladies in tight silk and thought Good Lord we'll never see Drew in something like that. But no, Jane struck just the right note, found the exact intersection of Drew and qipao. The jacket is "a warm gray Chinese silk satin, lined with soft floral Thai silk and edged in, of course, crimson." Painted on the fabric is a poem in Chinese calligraphy, couplet by Warring States Period poet and philosopher Qu Yuan (340-287 BC), "considered by many to be the father of Chinese Poetry. 路漫漫其修远兮,吾将上下而求索. It roughly translates to “\'the road (truth) is long and arduous, forward and backward shall I seek.' In other words, veritas."

“I came to the poem after much philosophical discussion and inquiring back and forth with learned fathers of friends,” said Zhu in the news release. “I knew that I wanted something very Chinese, but at the same time it had to represent Harvard, and be appropriate for a piece of clothing.”

The news release reports "Faust’s reaction was enthusiastic and warm, 'Isn’t it lovely!' she exclaimed.'I can’t wait to put it on!'”

And speaking for all of us in the fan club: We can't wait to see you in it!

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