Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fogg of war

Miss Grimke: I cannot believe you are closing the Fogg until 2013. That is five years. Babies not even conceived this year will be walking and talking, saying their ABCs, counting to 100, potty trained, quoting from Shrek...

DGF: Don't you go all Obama on me!

Miss Grimke: I will not be able to stand it. I love that big picture with all the people in it, and the one with the babies in heaven and all that fruit! And that chalk thing of the storm at sea done by the guy they named Allston for! They all soothe my savage breast!

DGF: Suck it up, Miss Grimke. Go to the Gardner for heaven's sake!

Miss Grimke: I will. I will go to the Gardner, and maybe I will not be back.


Rhea said...

Miss Grimke, I hope you take your savage breast(s) and march right back to the Fogg when it re-opens. You traitor, you. Great to meet ya.

Hattie said...

What? That's just terrible. I loved the Fogg when I visited it.