Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recipe swap

Miss Grimke: What's your favorite cheese?

DGF: That's a trick question to which I have the correct answer: goat cheese.

Miss Grimke: How do you prepare goat cheese?

DGF: I prepare goat cheese by going to the Trader Joe's in Cambridge, next to the Microcenter. There's plenty of free parking and Charlie and I like to browse in Microcenter. It's what we consider a date. We like puttering around with electronics. I got one of those digital picture frames. I love it to death!

Miss Grimke: All full up with Matthew Bradys I bet.

DGF: I am not that much of a geek!

Miss Grimke: You consider shopping at Microcenter a date and you are not that much of a geek?

DGF: I thought we were talking about cheese.

Miss Grimke: How do you prepare the cheese after you go to Trader Joe's?

DGF: I take home the cheese. Then I take out my pepper grinder and a sheet of waxed paper. I grind the pepper on the waxed paper, thick and wide. Then I unwrap the goat cheese. It comes in that log shape you know? Then I roll it over the cracked pepper until it is totally covered. I serve it on a nice china plate with fancy crackers and a real sterling silver butter knife.

Miss Grimke: I bet that gets the oohs and aahhs!

DGF: It does. It looks real fancy. I don't do it often though, only for very special guests that are worth the trouble.

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Rhea said...

Oh, cripes, Ms. Gilpin Faust, you gotta get out more.